EcoTherm Interior™

Experiences and studies show that surfaces coated with insulating Phoenix EcoTherm™ paints are able to bounce back up to 90% of heat energy that reaches them. Speaking of the energy, this phenomenon should be understood both as the “warm” and “cold”, since any “physical body” is the emitter of thermal energy, starting with temperature of so-called absolute zero (about minus 273°C). Thus, it is the evidence, that the coating made of insulating paint provides protection against both high and low temperatures. One of the EcoTherm Phoenix™ paints components affecting significantly to the effect of thermal insulation is the area of organic – glass microspheres filled with inert gas, which is lighter than air. During the drying Phoenix EcoTherm™ insulating paints, organic spheres are concentrated, creating a tight barrier, hindering the penetration of the thermal energy in both directions.