EcoTherm Facade™

Excellent quality, 100% acrylic paint with thermal insulation properties. Due to its special composition it forms an elastic film, which has great adhesion on vertical, exterior surfaces. This membrane insulates the wall against moisture and frost, and has very good thermal insulation properties, contributing to energy saving throughout the year (winter-summer).

Product features

– 100% acrylic thermo-insulating paint.
– High solar reflectance coefficient (SR).
– High emissivity coefficient in the infrared radiation (e).
– Excellent flexibility.
– Excellent adhesion.
– Anti-mold properties
– Excellent resistance to changing weather conditions.
– Excellent resistance to frost and moisture.
– Great coverage.
– High performance and whiteness.
– Easy application.
– Resistant to chalking (ASTM D4214-98).
– Resistant to alkali (ASTM D 1308-02, ASTM D 714-02).
– According with directive 2004/42/EC.
– Excellent for painting/ coating insulation systems.

Based on the studies in an accredited research center demonstrated, that after application of Phoenix EcoTherm Facade™ paint reduces energy consumption for cooling (air conditioning) for a residential building or an industrial at the level up to 58%. The real drop in temperature inside the buildings was recorded at 3°C, which had a positive impact on energy savings up to 8 kWh/m2.
Therefore, the use of Phoenix EcoTherm Facade™ paint with elevated reflection of sunlight and the high value of emissivity coefficient in the infrared radiation reduces the inner temperatures and the energy consumption of the building level, at the same time it may help to combat the phenomenon of a heat island and to improve the microclimate of the city.
The ideal solution is the simultaneous application with Phoenix EcoTherm Roof™, which greatly reduces the cooling load, which varies depending on the climate data. The same thing works for the cold climate zone in terms of savings by reflecting radiation with cold air.

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