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Shortly what is the thermal insulation of paints Phoenix EcoTherm™?

The most important benefit of paints Phoenix EcoTherm™ is a thermal insulation, which is mainly based on their reflectivity, so on the ability to reflect heat radiation and it also affect to energy savings used for space heating and/ or cooling.
This feature is known and used for other materials (e.g. the screens reflecting heat in the underfloor heating systems, wall screens or AL foil used to cover injured in the accident) was also activated in the issue of paints.
Special additives in the form of organic spheres in Phoenix EcoTherm™ paints reflect thermal radiation such as sunlight, but also this, generated by the radiators in the premises e.g. living rooms.

Insulating materials of mineral wool, polystyrene EPS or XPS, polyurethane (PUR) do not relate to the phenomenon of reflectance and only slow down the transfer of heat (cold or warm) by the structure of the insulated material e.g. walls. Heated and heat wall shows process of moving the warmth towards the colder part of it.

Paint Phoenix EcoTherm™ reflect infrared radiation, which is emitted e.g. by the radiators or heat from a fireplace.

Phoenix EcoTherm™ paints affect to the process of heat transfer to and from the insulated wall and roof, and this has an impact on the potential for energy saving in heating premises or cooling them.

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Experiences and studies show that surfaces coated with insulating Phoenix EcoTherm™ paints are able to bounce back up to 90% of heat energy that reaches them. Speaking of the energy, this phenomenon should be understood both as the “warm” and “cold”, since any “physical body” is the emitter of thermal energy, starting with temperature of so-called absolute zero (about minus 273°C). Thus, it is the evidence, that the coating made of insulating paint provides protection against both high and low temperatures.

One of the EcoTherm Phoenix™ paints components affecting significantly to the effect of thermal insulation is the area of organic – glass microspheres filled with inert gas, which is lighter than air. During the drying Phoenix EcoTherm™ insulating paints, organic spheres are concentrated, creating a tight barrier, hindering the penetration of the thermal energy in both directions.

Phoenix thermal insulation paint EcoTherm™ e.g. After painting a room or another room significantly improves the movement of warm air which helps to increase the room temperature by about 3-5°C without changing any other parameters for heating.


Drawing showing the movement of warm air (convection) before application of Phoenix EcoTherm Interior™ paints

Drawing showing the movement of warm air (convection) after application of Phoenix EcoTherm Interior™ paints
The standard distribution of air heated by wall radiators, floor or underfloor heating occurs by convection (air movement). The air coming closer to the heat source (heater, floor heating) is heated and begins to float to the top and the difference in temperature between the ceiling and floor may be even more than 10°C. Then the warm air, by its loss cools and begins to settle on the bottom of the room. Convection is therefore an example of the uneven movement of warm air and this causes, that in mass, rises also the dust and mites, which negatively affects the microclimate of rooms, especially for allergy sufferers.

When painting with Phoenix EcoTherm Interior™ thermo – reflective (thermal insulation) paint, the movement of warm air (when heated by radiators) is different. The hot air is reflected from the walls and the ceiling and guided in all directions with the result, that the heating system in the room is more homogeneous and the range of the temperature difference, between the floor and the ceiling is approximately 1-2°C. This affects decisively to improve the quality of life (feeling better especially for allergy sufferers by eliminating electrostatic charges).

Based on studies in an accredited research center, it found that the use of thermal radiation reflective paints allows to significantly improve the thermal insulation of objects by reducing the frost of painted e.g. walls in the winter, as well as their over-heating in summer. In practice, this translates into concrete savings in heating costs up to 30% for the interior paint. Exterior paint affect to the comfort of the cool interior at high external temperatures and the savings on air-conditioning to 58% (up to 8 kWh/m2).

Therefore, the use of Phoenix EcoTherm Roof™ paints with elevated reflection of sunlight and the high value of emissivity coefficient in the infrared radiation reduces the inner temperatures and the energy consumption of the building level, at the same time it may help to combat the phenomenon of a heat island and to improve the microclimate of the city.

The ideal solution is the simultaneous application of exterior paints: Phoenix EcoTherm Facade™ and Phoenix EcoTherm Roof™ together with interior paint Phoenix EcoTherm Interior™.

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Phoenix EcoTherm™ are a special paints for general use, inside and outside the buildings on various substrates like concrete, shingles, tar paper, wood, sheet metal, roof tiles, etc. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor for painting plasters, paints possess high flexibility (up to 300%) so that, they have resistance to cracking.


Phoenix EcoTherm™ paints are:

ECOLOGICALbiodegradable and safe for the environment based on the components of neutral for the human

WELL COVERINGadhesion to the substrate

ACRYLICacrylic dispersions and no unnecessary fillers reducing the quality of the paint

“BREATHABLE”anti-condensation (that is, the walls are vapor permeable, not absorb moisture, thus the water vapor does not settle on the walls, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, so there is no moist walls, prevent fungi deposition thereon)

POLYMERICpolymer additives (elastomer) increase: paint impact strength, flexibility (like rubber), thermal resistance (especially low and high temperatures) and chemical (e.g. acid rain) therefore they are highly protective and have high abrasion resistance

WASHABLEwater can wash the dirt and stains

DURABLEdurability of the coating is several years

COMFORTABLEaffect on the improving the quality of life (feeling better) through the elimination of electrostatic charges. Then occurs a smaller movement of dust located in almost every room, which is especially important for allergy sufferers (Phoenix EcoTherm Interior)

WATERBORNEcan be diluted and cleaned with water

DISPERSIVEthat is emulsion, or latex

COMBATING THE PHENOMENON OF HEAT ISLANDand improves the microclimate of the city (paints line EcoTherm Roof and Facde)

PERFECTLY FLEXIBLEup to 300% stretch

article produced in accordance with international standards and certificationsincluding ecological: LOW VOC , EMAS , ISO 14001 , ISO 9001 and BID


RESISTANTto alkalis and chalking


DURABLEto frost, humidity, changeable weather conditions, for standing waters

COOLING MATERIALhave a high reflectivity of solar radiation emissivity in the infrared radiation

EASY MAINTENANCEand punctual repairs (covers micro-cracks)

CREATE A HOMOGENEOUS SEALING MEMBRANEwithout connectors (Phoenix EcoTherm Roof)

PERFECT FOR PAINTING and thermal insulation coating systems

Production in line with EMASwhich is the highest Environmental Protection Standards

Long lasting natural protectionagainst algae and all kinds of lichens on the facade

Regulate the flow of heatand thus affect the energy savings up to 30% (energy-saving)





In conclusion it must be said that the surfaces of walls and ceilings painted with Phoenix EcoTherm ™ resemble the action of the screen or the mirror due to the phenomenon of reflection of infrared radiation.
It provides a constant humidity, improves the indoor climate and also improves the heating system, which actually contributes to the reduction of heating costs.

EcoTherm Interior Paint™ is flexible, so corrects any micro-cracks on the walls and ceilings, it is breathable, which is important in humid areas and for the elimination of thermal bridges.

Once again, we invite you to cooperate with our company in the topic of professional paints for construction and industry.