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The newest line of professional paints for roofs, facades, interior and exterior walls based on the latest technical – technological solutions
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Shortly what is the thermal insulation of paints Phoenix EcoTherm™?

The most important benefit of paints Phoenix EcoTherm™ is a thermal insulation, which is mainly based on their reflectivity, so on the ability to reflect heat radiation and it also affect to energy savings used for space heating and/ or cooling.
This feature is known and used for other materials (e.g. the screens reflecting heat in the underfloor heating systems, wall screens or AL foil used to cover injured in the accident) was also activated in the issue of paints.

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We would like to interest all of our current and future customers in a unique range of professional paint for roofs, facades, metal structures, concrete, wood, container, interior and exterior walls, roads, etc.
Our offer is presented based on the latest technical and technological solutions in the subject of modern solutions in the paint market. We offer the benefits of the purchase of our paint. In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the news in the paint market is a modern solution for thermal insulation – a line of thermal insulation. Our proposal also applies to the professional line, that is high-quality paints for professionals, but not only.
Thermo-insulation (thermo-reflective) paints are still a novelty on the worldwide market. Paints gaining their position in the market increasingly.
However, recently there have been some modifications in their composition, which when not changed fundamental parameters (savings in energy consumption) contributes to a reduction in the purchase price.
That makes us pleased to inform customers, that they even today, the offer for thermo – insulating paint is very competitive compared to those traditionally used in the construction market. We are pleased, that we can offer this solution to our customers.

Solution of thermo reflective paint is an interesting alternative or complement to traditional insulation materials in connection with the new, more demanding regulations for thermal insulation of walls which from 1 January 2021 the heat transfer coefficient will have to mandatorily keep the level of U= 0,2 W/(m2xK) in compared to 2014 is less in about 0,05 U (U 0.15 for roofs and basement ceilings 0.2).

Therm Roof™ and Facade™ paints combat the phenomenon of heat island effect and improve the microclimate of the city.

We recommend articles about the concept of white roofs discussing this phenomenon:
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